Recipe: Lamb pea rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Lamb pea rice



  1. Wash rice (glutinous rice is also OK), add about 1.2 times water (or add water according to your customary amount), and cook in rice cooker

  2. When cooking, peas are cooked with water and sausages are cooked and diced.

  3. Immediately after the rice is cooked, pour the peas and sausage into the rice, mix well, cover and cover for another 10 minutes.


Tips can also be cooked with raw peas and sausages and rice, but I think that peas will turn yellow, and the bacon will have no taste. After the rice is cooked, add the cooked peas and the cooked sausage together and simmer for a while. It can keep the peas green and let the rice absorb the scent of peas and sausages.

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