Recipe: Kumamoto Ramen - Simple Edition

Home Cooking Recipe: Kumamoto Ramen - Simple Edition


It is said that it is a simple version because... the practice of barbecued pork has not been tested, so it is super simple. If you don't know Kumamoto Ramen, then you think that it is Ajisen Ramen. I bought a bag of ramen from the airport that came back from Kyushu. After I came back, I found that the taste and soup are very similar to the soup, but only the soup and noodles are still too dull. Let’s add some ingredients.



  1. Pour the ramen soup into a bowl, boil the hot water, pour in about 300ml, and start cooking the ramen with the remaining hot water.

  2. This time, the fish plate is also returned from Japan. There is really a small wooden board under a large fish plate... (Is it because of this?) But it is full of elasticity, no more than the taste of Chinese flour, 唉~

  3. Then there is the egg. If you have an egg, then the egg must be good. I use the one (the house for the Matsuya, the Carrefour), as follows: The amount of water in the pot filled with the drowning eggs, starting with cold water Cook, boil, and cook for 4 minutes.

  4. The boiled egg is peeled, then pour a spoonful of soy sauce into the sealed bag, a spoonful of water, a half spoonful of flavor, put it into the egg and shake it, and discharge the air in the sealed bag, which will be easier to taste.

  5. Scallions are really a big love of Japanese food. When you add this, you will be alive and fresh, and you will get all the ingredients. Finally, you will get a scallion and finish it!

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