Recipe: Korean super spicy three nourishing turkey noodles (how to do not spicy and delicious!)

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean super spicy three nourishing turkey noodles (how to do not spicy and delicious!)


Recently super-fired three nourishing turkey noodles! After I had eaten it once, although I had a hot runny nose, I didn’t want to eat it in a few days. Completely addictive! But some friends who are not particularly spicy can also try this turkey noodles. However, if the sauce is too small, the rich taste will not come out, and its characteristics will be lost. This recipe introduces you to my unique secret recipe, so that the three nourishing turkey noodles become less spicy, and the taste is more delicious!



  1. Cook noodles. Boil the right amount of water (can be completely without the cake) and put in the cake. Add rice cakes and sausages at the same time. My rice cake is better cooked. If the rice cake is thick and not easy to cook, you can put it in and put it in. It is enough to cook until it is cooked.

  2. Remove the noodles and drain the water. Add milk to the pot, probably not half the surface. After the fire is boiled, put the noodles cooked to eight minutes and turn to medium heat.

  3. Put in a whole package of hot sauce. If you are really afraid of spicy, put a little less.

  4. Beat an egg and stir it quickly into the egg.

  5. Turn off the fire. Add 1-2 pieces of cheese and stir until it is about to melt. At this time, immediately put out the pot, otherwise the surface is easy to stick to the cheese and become sticky.

  6. Delicious and not spicy, cry your three nourishing turkey noodles! In short, the principle of turning it into a non-spicy is to add things, add a variety of ingredients! Eggs are also made into egg flowers in order to mix in the surface to reduce the degree of spicy, cheese is the same. The more the milk is added, the lower the degree of spicyness, and even more can be added to the noodles with sauce. Sausages and rice cakes are just the ones that I personally feel are very good with Korean spicy sauce. You can also add your favorite foods and play freely!


Ps feel that using this sauce to make spicy fried rice cakes should be good

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