Recipe: Korean style stewed oxtail soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean style stewed oxtail soup


There is a Korean food shop near the house. The stewed oxtail soup is very good. The raw materials are also simple, but the sale is very expensive and the weight is small. It is better to do it at home. I have done it several times according to his family. I feel very good.



  1. The oxtail is soaked in cold water one day in advance, and the water is changed 2 to 3 times in the middle to make some blood foam, ginger slices, and garlic peeled off.

  2. Put the soaked oxtail into the casserole, pour enough cold water into the casserole, add cooking wine and ginger, open the fire, wait for the water to open quickly, when the blood foam has come up, make the fire small, use clean The big spoon will pour out the blood, and then the fire will be big. When the second batch of blood comes up, the fire will be small, and the bleeding will be repeated. Repeat the above steps until the blood is completely removed (the casserole must be cleaned) Pour enough water, because the blood will be removed, and the water will definitely be taken out. When the soup is poured, it is impossible to add raw water, so the water must be enough. (If it is too troublesome, You can use another pot to simmer water, cold water pot, water sputum bleeding, take the oxtail out and wash it with warm water, then put it into the casserole that has already boiled water, I like the method of drowning, I feel 煲The soup is more fragrant)

  3. Spoon out the ginger slices, pour the garlic into the casserole, (not too much, use the garlic) to open the fire, the water is boiling and the fire is small, start to simmer, it is best to simmer for 3 hours, at least 2 and a half hours (do not frequent the pot lid in the middle, can not add raw water, my approach is not to put onions and any spices, the taste of garlic and the oxtail is very good, rest assured, there will be no smell)

  4. After the soup is good, add salt to taste according to your preference. The salt must be added at the end. Put the right amount of shallot in the bowl and serve the soup. You can enjoy it.


1. If you like white pepper, you can add some seasoning. The Korean restaurant usually has white pepper. My mother can't do it, so I don't let it go. I remember that the oxtail soup in the store seems to have some fresh seaweed or wakame. And so on, I did not put it, like it can be put in a soup before the soup is good, boiled and then seasoned, but fresh seaweed has salt, and finally taste the salty and seasoning of the soup 2, oxtail I bought the oxtail of Horqin in the supermarket, the quality is very good, will be cut into a section after the selection, 3, garlic is the whole flap, do not need to cut

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