Recipe: Korean spicy chicken feet

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean spicy chicken feet


After class, my mouth was a bit lonely, but the dry food of potato chips biscuits could not satisfy the taste buds, but the acne marks on the face could not eat soy sauce, gave up the idea of ​​making braised chicken feet, and tried to make Korean spicy chicken. Claw, the little partner is completely convinced (☆ _☆)



  1. Take the chicken feet out and thaw them, and put them in the water for more than ten minutes.

  2. Soak up with cold water immediately after cooking, so that the chicken feet will be chubby.

  3. Chop the garlic, pour the oil into the hot pot and pour the minced garlic

  4. After the garlic is fried, pour the chicken feet, stir fry for a while, add a small bowl of cold water, then add Korean hot sauce (because 10 chicken feet, I added three spoonfuls of hot sauce) and continue to stir fry

  5. When the hot sauce is finished, add ketchup (this is a personal taste, like a little spicy, add more ketchup)

  6. Cover the lid and cook for a few minutes. When the juice is almost dry, add salt, stir fry and turn off the juice. (The salt does not need to be added too much, because the sauce has a taste)

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