Recipe: Korean spicy cabbage tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean spicy cabbage tofu soup



  1. Rinse the tofu over the water and cut into square pieces.

  2. Spicy cabbage cut into small pieces

  3. Cyan red peppers are cut into circles

  4. Place the stone pot on the fire, pour a small amount of oil at the bottom of the pot, heat over medium heat

  5. When the oil temperature is 80% hot, stir it into the green and red peppers.

  6. Then add the spicy cabbage, stir well and stir well

  7. Add Korean chili sauce

  8. Add half a pot of water and mix well

  9. When the soup is boiled, it is poured into the tofu.

  10. Mix well and cook until it is boiled again. Change to a small fire and cook for about 10 minutes. Finally, add a small amount of chicken seasoning to turn off the heat.

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