Recipe: Korean Kimchi Soup (Simplified Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean Kimchi Soup (Simplified Edition)



  1. Cut the chicken breasts and grab a little bit of oil and starch to save the pot. The rapeseed is washed and the mushrooms are cut.

  2. From the oil pan, a little oil, fried chicken, then put the mushrooms, then put the rape.

  3. Then put the spicy cabbage, stir fry almost, add water, no material, cover.

  4. Open the water for ten minutes, put a little salt, a little chicken essence, evenly turn it over and out of the pan.


o(TヘTo) The spicy cabbage I bought is the kind of supermarket six must-have in bulk, but my wood has thought that it is so sour, not spicy at all, the taste is not very good.... This soup... the point is that spicy cabbage must be good Eat and fall.... Good sang heart....

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