Recipe: Korean burdock cuisine

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean burdock cuisine


The benefits of burdock to the human body are numerous and are one of the foods that Japanese people love. There seems to be a lot of dishes made with sirloin on the South Korean side, but the most impressive thing is this side dish.



  1. Wash the burdock, cut off the epidermis, cut the slender silk, then soak in the water, drip a little vinegar

  2. Pour soy sauce, sugar, pepper, sake and water (1 cup and half - 2 cups) in the pan, heat on the fire until the sugar is completely melted, turn off the heat, set aside

  3. Put some oil in the pot and pour in the sirloin.

  4. Stir-fry in water, the color of the burdock silk becomes transparent, when it is slightly golden brown, pour the sauce that has just been made, and 2 cups of water, first open the fire, boil and turn to medium and small fire slowly

  5. Turn the pan from time to time, the burdock is evenly colored.

  6. After the soup is burned to one-third of the original amount, add the syrup, stir well, stir fry, and sprinkle with sesame.


Sweet and salty, when you eat, use a small dish to pack a bit, it is great to eat.

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