Recipe: Konjac is stewed

Home Cooking Recipe: Konjac is stewed


Forgive my own name compiled by yy. It is like a stew and like a miso soup == If you want to do more like a good stew, you can put the bean fish sauce on the bean paste and add some sugar & salt. Trying Dukan in the past few days / No way to be too lazy in winter and not to sit on the long winter Fortunately, after the test, the quick-acting phase is only 2 days, and the effect is good~ However, it is very responsible for saying that it is very difficult for you to love meat. I really don’t know how those children have been through 5~7 days. I can't eat all kinds of meat, I can't eat sugar during Dukan. I found this thing afterwards. I think there must be something like MSG in the stew. I am more resistant. So I still have to be assured. I really can’t really be simple. Ps this 2 days found that soy sauce is really a good thing! !



  1. After the water is boiledrPut soy sauce and bean paste 3:1rThen under the konjacrAfter cooking for a while, turn off the fire and chop the green onion~rOver


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