Recipe: Kimchi fried konjac

Home Cooking Recipe: Kimchi fried konjac


Stir fry with low-calorie konjac and sour kimchi, plus the same low-calorie ham~ slimming can also be very enjoyable Talk about the materials and calories I use. Konjac 100g/11kcal, Zongjiafu kimchi 100g/33kcal Baodi bone soup fresh ham 100g/108kcal (highly recommended! Low calorie high protein, very suitable for consumption during exercise) Kimchi seems to have a lower card version, so you can explore it yourself and add some other low-calorie foods.



  1. The konjac silk is washed with water and the kitchen paper is used to absorb the water. The kimchi is cut into medium size and the ham slices are ready for use.

  2. Put a little oil in the pot, add ham and kimchi

  3. Finally put in the konjac silk, put a little salt and chili powder, etc., the taste can be adjusted according to your own taste

  4. If you feel too dry, you can cook a small bowl of water for a while, and the time is too short. The konjac may not taste.

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