Recipe: Kimchi beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Kimchi beef


Kitchener @大猫小猫 Funnyly said: hate Koreans, invented kimchi to make people want to stop! I am also a person who loves to eat kimchi. The first batch of Korean spicy cabbage made this winter will be left over. After eating it, I have to pickle it again...



  1. The fat cows are first boiled in boiling water until they are cut off, and the soup is filtered out; the Korean hot sauce is diluted with the cooking wine and the kimchi juice;

  2. Pour the wok into the oil and heat it. Add the small kimchi and stir-fry the scent. Pour in the Korean spicy sauce, add the white sugar, and finally pour the beef into the beef.


It's a very simple way to decide the taste of the spicy sauce. The taste is heavy and the hot sauce is added. The fat beef must not be heated for too long, so as not to have a slag.

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