Recipe: Kidney black porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Kidney black porridge



  1. Cook black beans first, be sure to cook until the beans are scattered.

  2. Black rice, tanning

  3. Boiled into lotus seeds and peanuts

  4. Finally, put rice and red dates and simmer soup.


Chinese medicine believes that black into the kidney, black sesame seeds, black beans, kelp and other black foods, can help you strengthen the kidney, of course, will also improve the look and face.  In fact, women always have the problem of kidney deficiency, which is very common and of course very common, but everyone pays little attention to this. In fact, we don't seriously understand our body. Maybe we can't really find that there are many things that we actually lack. For example, the crescent on the nails fades, becomes smaller, and disappears. Or face sallow, no blood, often backache. When you find that you are not taking care of yourself, you are too sorry for yourself.  Women are emotional animals, how many will be sentimental, will lose themselves because of emotions, when you know how to take care of others, have you cared about yourself?  Nourishing the kidney is not only a problem for men, but also a woman. If you take care of yourself, you will have more time and strength to take care of the one you love.    Recently, my mother and I plan to have a bowl of black porridge every day. This must last for one month. I want to restore my little crescent. I can take good care of him when I meet my other half. I can be a happy and healthy little woman and enjoy happiness.    Sticking to a bowl every day, blood and kidney, is the best reward for yourself, but also an explanation for those who love themselves~~~  Ok, let me share my body porridge~

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