Recipe: KFC heat wave whole shrimp crisp

Home Cooking Recipe: KFC heat wave whole shrimp crisp



  1. Frozen shrimps are cut open, and the head is removed.

  2. Use a knife to cut the back of the shrimp and pick the shrimp intestines with a toothpick.

  3. Use a knife to pour the shrimp into a puree, and add the onion and ginger. Leave a few complete shrimps with tails, and keep a bite to make the shrimps of the whole shrimps

  4. Take an egg, separate egg white and egg yolk

  5. Add salt to the shrimp paste, and mix the egg white and a little starch in the direction of time. Prepare bread crumbs. Egg yolk

  6. Take a piece of shrimp paste and make it round. Now the egg yolk is simmered and then rolled onto the bread crumbs. When you take the shrimp paste, you must drown the water, otherwise the shrimp paste is very sticky.

  7. I also made a few shrimp balls wrapped in whole shrimp tails. To be honest, this is too sticky, and the hands are batter.

  8. Put the oil in the pot, burn it to 60% heat and put the shrimp ball into the fry. It must be fried with a small fire, otherwise it will be fried outside, and it is not cooked yet. It’s time to turn over and fry until it’s golden.


Cute little shrimp ball. I would also like to remind everyone to pay attention to the fact that the side with the tail should not be oiled when it is fried, otherwise the tail will not stick together and I will make this mistake.

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