Recipe: Kelp, eyebrows, pig bones

Home Cooking Recipe: Kelp, eyebrows, pig bones


Peanut eyebrow bean porridge is a traditional Guangdong old fire soup, very fragrant, licking the soup's eyebrow powder, it is particularly delicious to eat, that candied fruit is the soul of Guangdong old fire soup. Unfortunately, I don't have peanuts on my hands, so I replaced them with kelp. The kelp is a bit cold, so be sure to add ginger.



  1. Eyebrow and kelp first bubble

  2. Boil the pork bones in cold water, add ginger, and add wine until a large amount of froth is cooked. The water is drained and the pig bones are washed clean.

  3. Add cold water to the soup pot, pork bones, ginger, candied dates and soaked eyebrows and kelp.

  4. The rice cooker is selected as a soup file. For traditional soup pots, turn the fire over for two hours after boiling, and add some salt before the fire.


Peanuts, eyebrows, pig feet or chicken feet are also very good.

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