Recipe: おでん (Kanto boiled)

Home Cooking Recipe: おでん (Kanto boiled)


(for four people) Conditioning time: 60 minutes Calories: 607kcal Salt: 3.1g The picture is reproduced from the Japanese website, the Chinese part of the recipe is LZ's own translation - Worm



  1. The radish is cut into pieces and washed with rice water. The potatoes are soaked in hot water and hot peeled. Konjac double-sided shallow knife cut flowers, then cut into triangles, wash with hot water

  2. The fried fish products are overheated and washed with oil. Cut the right size block

  3. Octopus legs dressed in a string

  4. After the eggs are cooked for four to five minutes, they are cold water and peeled.

  5. Oil tofu is used to remove oil from hot water and cut into pieces. The kelp is washed and knotted. Cut the rice cake into the oil tofu and seal it with a toothpick

  6. Boil the broth in the pan, first add the big radish, konjac, octopus and cook for a while. Potatoes, fish and meat products, as well as eggs, kelp knots, oily tofu filled with rice cakes, and boiled in low heat. Cook thoroughly

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