Recipe: Kale Mango Salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Kale Mango Salad


Catch up with the kale to buy a bag, which is quite popular for this kind of exotic ingredients. I didn't have any vegetables in the evening and I mixed this salad. I didn't expect my parents to eat it! To sum it up is: simple, wild



  1. Kale goes to the pole and washes. Use a salad drier to remove excess water.

  2. The vinaigrette ingredients are mixed and emulsified. Stir in kale, mix with a spoon or hand, and let stand for a while until the vegetable volume becomes smaller. (This taste will not be hard)

  3. Mango cut into strips.

  4. Kale is reduced in size and placed on a plate, decorated with mango strips and granola (nuts).

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