Recipe: Kaifeng lamb chop

Home Cooking Recipe: Kaifeng lamb chop


Mutton, the name is weird. It is a thin white bread wrapped in mutton in the middle, the cake is hot, the minced meat is hot, and it is hot to eat. The gluten noodles, the fragrant minced meat, are very chewy. The stalls selling this are open to the night market.



  1. A small portion of the flour is boiled with boiling water, and then kneaded with ordinary water to form a smooth dough, wrapped in plastic wrap for half an hour. I suggest you cook the dough first.

  2. If you want to buy mutton filling, otherwise you need to be good. Add salt and MSG to make it slightly salty. Add a little oil and water and mix well.

  3. The market is divided into two, one is directly cumin (powder), and the other is cumin. Both can be used, the latter needs to take a rolling pin to roll, and most of the last crushed, a small part of the broken is better (grilled skewers are generally such a material, the best eat)

  4. Chopped green onions, spare

  5. Wake up the face into a suitable size agent

  6. It takes two pieces of suede to make one, and it is rounded into a number of round skins (not too thin)

  7. Put a small amount of oil in the pan and put the mink into the pan when it is too hot. Tile the meat (not too full), sprinkle with cumin, chopped green onion. After the oil is applied around the dough. Take another cover and cover it. Turn over

  8. During the pancake period, the oil is constantly turning over, not turning. Remember that the fire is not too big. If the stuffing is not cooked, the skin is paste.

  9. Wait until the skin is golden brown.

  10. Use a small stroke in the left and right corners of the cymbal. After folding, rotate 90 degrees and cross the knife in the middle. It is shaped.


The effect is here: 1, the general sheep oil can not be bought, you need to deal with it yourself, do not pay attention to the use of cooking oil 2, want meat stuffing to eat incense, in addition to oil accidents, in order to increase the taste, in fact, you need to put a little sheep tail oil chopped into the meat filling 3, cumin grain with a rolling pin to roll, and finally crushed, a small part of the broken. This stunned taste is maximized 4, must use pan and pancakes (pancake) shovel, easy to turn over

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