Recipe: Jujube yellow rice bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Jujube yellow rice bran



  1. Wash the yellow sticky rice, soak it in water (about 6 hours), soak the brown leaves in water (about 6 hours), boil them in boiling water, then wash them. The dates are boiled in boiling water and boiled in cold water. Wash clean

  2. Take 2-3 palm leaves (one of which is pressed against the other half, the amount should be determined according to the size of the leaves)

  3. Folded into a funnel shape from the middle (the bottom tip is not leaking)

  4. Put a date on the bottom to prevent leakage

  5. Put yellow and rice into seventy

  6. Put 3 more red dates (if the date is small, you may put one more in the middle), put it at each corner to prevent leakage

  7. Put yellow sticky rice in the gap of the jujube

  8. Fold the end of the cross

  9. Refolding the other end of the loquat leaves becomes a cone

  10. Use a strong rope (I use it as a white line for the quilt), and tie it tightly (don't tie it too hard, otherwise it's not cooked well; but don't be too loose, otherwise it will become porridge.) The tightest thing is not to leak rice.

  11. The scorpions that were handed over were placed in the pressure cooker in turn, and the water was just immersed.

  12. Boil the water with a fire, switch to the bottom fire (140 degrees) and turn off the heat for 20 minutes.


1, the scorpion into the pot should not be too dense, not too sparse, it is best to put a scorpion on the scorpion, use Heavy objects (or stones) are pressed against the scorpion to prevent the scorpion from moving and breaking when cooked. 2, the best way to eat rice dumplings with vegetables, this can help the gastrointestinal motility, to avoid causing gastrointestinal indigestion. 3, it is best not to eat scorpions for two hours before going to bed. 4. Don't eat too much a day. No more than three women a day; no more than five men a day. 5, Baozizi do not stick to the shape, as long as it is not leaking rice can be, more than a few times will be cooked to make perfect. 6, no pressure cooker, electric pressure cooker is safer, no matter the pot, you must be bored for an hour.

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