Recipe: Jujube, white fungus, lotus seed, papaya

Home Cooking Recipe: Jujube, white fungus, lotus seed, papaya


The effect of Tremella fuciformis is to clear the heart and calm the nerves, moisten the lungs and relieve cough, strengthen the kidney, strengthen the body, immunity and anti-cancer effect. I used to hear people talking about the poor bird's nest. I always wondered what it was. It turned out~~~~



  1. Tremella and red dates, simmering with water for half an hour, the white fungus is opened, and the red jujube is washed several times after the bubble is finished. There is a lot of sand and it will be eaten.

  2. After the white fungus is opened, remove the yellow core in the middle (the core is bitter)

  3. Papaya peeled and cut into small pieces

  4. The fire is boiled first, put the white fungus and rock sugar, lotus seeds, put more water, boil the fire, put the papaya, turn it on for 20 minutes, then join the 枸杞

  5. Put the red dates into the pot after the white fungus has a colloidal condition

  6. Close to a small fire, you need to stir the pot often. The process of this small fire is about an hour.

  7. Until the white fungus is gelatinized, it can be thick.


When you put it on, put it on, when you cook it on low heat, keep stirring the pot to prevent the white fungus from sticking to the pot. After boiling, turn off the small fire and cook.

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