Recipe: Jujube, sugar, sugar, cane juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Jujube, sugar, sugar, cane juice



  1. First wash the sugar cane Sydney peeling, it is recommended that the pears do not peel, you can go nuclear, cut.

  2. Put the sugarcane red dates into the pot, add water, and drown the sugarcane red dates.

  3. Stew with a big fire

  4. Add Sydney, rock sugar, and then simmer for 1 minute and then simmer for 1 to make Sydney ripe.


Sydney is best not to peel, because the effect of curing cough is better, friends who do not like Sydney skin can peel. Green pears can replace Sydney. Cold, cough, and more food and drink several times obviously improved. Cold cough is too serious, no effect, please seek medical attention immediately.

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