Recipe: Jujube

Home Cooking Recipe: Jujube


Dry weather, eating more white fungus is also very good for the body. Tremella is a good beauty for all seasons. It can be served with Sydney in the fall and red dates in the winter. Eat a bowl of thick red jujube white fungus every day, which can nourish yin and moisten, warm and nourish, especially female friends should eat more often. Adding a few oranges to the white fungus can make the white fungus feel sour and not too sweet, which is the exclusive secret that my mother passed to me.



  1. . Tremella with cold water, pick and wash, tear into small flowers

  2. . Put the white fungus and red dates into the pot, add enough water, boil over high heat, and cook for half an hour.

  3. Add the peeled orange petals and rock sugar, continue to cook for half an hour, until the ice sugar melts, the white fungus is thick.


1. A nucleated orange will become bitter after it has been cooked, so be sure to use a non-nuclear and thinner orange. 2. The amount of white fungus should be sufficient, and the cooking time should be long, and it will be thick and sturdy. 3. You can add lotus seeds, lily and other materials according to your own preferences.

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