Recipe: Jinping calf

Home Cooking Recipe: Jinping calf


Jinping burdock is a common dish in Japanese ordinary families and restaurants; Jinping is a name, a son of a general in the Edo period. He is said to be very strong and powerful. The introduction of burdock from China is considered to be the most nutritious. Complete rhizome vegetables; burdock fried carrots take the name of Jinping, meaning that this dish can be strong and powerful... Refer to Iwasaki Kaiko's "Zero-based Japanese-style home cooking"



  1. The burdock is gently scraped off the epidermis with a knife, cut into 5 cm long sections, cut into thin slices and cut into thin strips; the cut burdock is immediately immersed in water with white vinegar to avoid oxidation and blackening;

  2. The carrots are also cut into thin strips according to the length of the calves; the red peppers are cut into loops for use; the seasonings are prepared in advance and are more convenient to use;

  3. Heat the wok and add the fragrant (hemp) oil. Pour in the carrot and burdock and stir fry until soft (about 2 minutes). Pour in the seasoning and stir well.


The taste and nutrition of the burdock are all under the skin, so the burdock can't be cut and can only be scraped; the cut burdock should be immediately immersed in vinegar water, otherwise the taste will be black and easy to be black; but the time of soaking should not be too long, it is best to cook immediately. System, or it will harden and lose its freshness. Burdock is rich in dietary fiber, which has the effect of improving constipation and regulating the intestinal environment. The calf should not be cut too thin, retaining its own chewyness, crisp taste and rich taste. It also helps to increase satiety. ..

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