Recipe: Jinling duck blood fans

Home Cooking Recipe: Jinling duck blood fans


When I went to school in Nanjing, I often ate it back to the cottage. I don’t want to taste too good. Haha, it’s just that the picture is not good. The small phone is just patted. The most important thing is delicious.



  1. Fan warm water soft standby duck blood, duck liver slices

  2. Add a little oil to the pot, add pepper, dry chili, ginger, musk

  3. Add duck blood stir fry, add a little wine

  4. Add an appropriate amount of pure water to the pot and cook until the boiled

  5. After the second boiling, add chicken essence.

  6. In the big bowl, add duck liver, mustard, coriander and a little sesame oil.

  7. Oh, also finished bird


Duck liver is bought by the deli Like to eat spicy can add sesame chili oil

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