Recipe: Jingwei Shaomai

Home Cooking Recipe: Jingwei Shaomai


Every time I saw this burning wheat, I also reminded me of the children of Beijing people, paying attention to it. The head is small, the mouth is open, and it has to be beautiful.



  1. Black fungus foaming

  2. Stir the beef stuffing, add white pepper, oyster sauce, salt, chicken sauce and mix well.

  3. Taste the beef stuffing, add the sesame oil and mix evenly in one direction

  4. Add a small amount of water while stirring, and stir it in one direction to make a water filling.

  5. The black fungus of the hair is cut into pieces

  6. Carrots are peeled and rubbed into silk, and then cut with a knife to a few

  7. Put the broken fungus and carrots into the meat, season with salt, stir well, top with sesame oil to seal the scent

  8. Slowly add hot water to the flour

  9. While heating the water, stir it into the picture.

  10. Knead the dough, pour the dough bowl, and simmer for about 15 minutes.

  11. Knead the dough, grow the strips, cut the big ones

  12. Knead into a chrysanthemum-like dough (described later in the chrysanthemum skin), put the right amount of filling

  13. Put the rest of the dough together, pinch it at the waist, squeeze out a little stuffing, more beautiful, and pomegranate-like. Use hot water on the noodles, hot noodles, can destroy the gluten of the flour, will not steam out too hard

  14. Chrysanthemum skin: Since there is no special rolling pin, you can use this ordinary rolling pin to pull out the chrysanthemum skin.

  15. Take a dose and knead it into a circle. Then, according to the position in the picture, use the head of the rolling pin, and slant the side of the dough, and it will be chrysanthemum skin.

  16. The good chrysanthemum skin is very thin and basically transparent. It is wrapped like petal, and the skin is thin and tastes good.

  17. Pinched raw embryo

  18. Look at the stuffing from the outside, very beautiful, like a flower

  19. Steam the pot to the water to boil, put the raw steam into the steam

  20. Cover and ignite for 10-15 minutes. Steamed siu mai, after 5 minutes, uncover the lid


friendly reminder: 1. No chicken juice can be replaced with chicken essence. 2. The sesame oil is sesame oil. 3. Be sure to put the sesame oil after the salty taste and flavor are finished. Otherwise, it will not be easy to taste after sealing the taste with sesame oil. 4. It is convenient to make the step diagram and put the stuffing on the front. It is recommended to mix the stuffing with the noodles first. When it comes to eating siu mai, this old Beijinger will have a meditation [all in one place]! That's right, the most famous sizzling museum in Beijing is [all in one place]. Speaking of this name, it was the word that Emperor Qianlong mentioned in the past. The roasting wheat appeared in the capital of the Yuan Dynasty and is a traditional Beijing snack. Burning wheat is also known as burning. It is a kind of pasta snack steamed with steamed noodles. The shape is like pomegranate, and the filling is thin and thin. The history is quite long. In Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Guangxi, people call it a sizzling, while in Beijing and other places it is called siu mai. The south and the north are slightly different in materials and production methods. The northern siu mai is generally made up of beef or mutton with other seasonings. The southern siu mai first stuffing is supplemented by glutinous rice and beef and mutton. In addition, there are differences in the head, the small in the north, the big in the south. If you want to pack a good-looking roast, the suede is the key. Only when you become a chrysanthemum, you can pack a burnt wheat like a flower. How do you make it into a chrysanthemum? You don't need a special rolling pin, you can also pick it up, please continue to look down. I used beef stuffing today, with carrots to mix the stuffing, also for a healthy diet. It’s delicious to make a loaf of meat, but it’s a feast.

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