Recipe: Jingsong South Milk Thistle Oxtail

Home Cooking Recipe: Jingsong South Milk Thistle Oxtail


The best and most beautiful part of the cow is the cockroach - the tail of the cow! ! ! Why is it best to eat? Because the tail of the cow is the most frequent part of the cow! (The cow's tail is old and old, catch the mosquitoes.) And generally speaking, poultry and livestock, the most active parts of the body must be the most "live" of the flesh, the most tender and delicious drops; Why is it the most beautiful? After stewing the remaining broth of the oxtail, it will soon form a thick jelly, indicating that the oxtail is rich in collagen and collagen! The oxtail part has beef bone, bone marrow, beef tendon, beef, oil, and nutrition.



  1. Cattle tail, flying water, washing foam

  2. In the slow cooker, put the oxtail, ginger, garlic, and water to submerge the oxtail; high-grade stew for about 2 hours

  3. Remove the oxtail, dries the soup

  4. After frying the sugar in the pot, the oxtail is fried and colored, and the next is soy sauce, a little rock sugar, cooking wine stir fry; add a lot of scallion, crushed red milk stir fry

  5. Add the broth that was previously stewed with oxtail, boil and turn to low heat for about half an hour until the beef is soft, and open the fire to thicken the soup.


Generally, the oxtail style is recommended. I recommend adding the right amount of water to cook and boil the nutrient essence of the beef bone. The oil can be stored in the soup and used as a soup. For example, add it to the child when you cook the steamed egg in the morning. .

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