Recipe: Jianyang Mutton Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Jianyang Mutton Soup


Jianyang Mutton Soup is a big meat warm soup that Sichuan people especially like to eat in winter. Milky white soup, large pieces of lamb with a certain thickness, with a little lamb, plus a dish of millet, coriander, chopped green onion, fermented bean curd, or spicy sauce. The steaming atmosphere is simply a burst of happiness. The most important thing about mutton soup is soup. Of course, the choice of lamb is also very important. There are more goats in Sichuan and no sheep. Therefore, it is mostly made of goat meat. My family "official person" likes to eat Ningxia mutton, so I bought the soup from the back legs of Ningxia Yanchi from Taobao. The picture was found on the internet and looks similar to my final product. Every time I didn't have time to take a photo, I took a photo and the meat was gone. . . .



  1. Soup: This is very important. The key to soup fresh: you need to use fish and sheep bones, mutton together. The squid is wrapped in gauze, the bones of the sheep are washed, and the mutton is shaved from the leg of the lamb. After the mutton is washed with warm water, put a proper amount of water in the pot and take a large piece of ginger (like to put more ginger). After the water is boiled, put the bones and meat into the pot, wait until it boils, and the surface appears to float a lot. Foam, slowly spray the floating foam.

  2. Squid: put a little oil in the pot, after the oil is hot, put the fish, the micro-focus on the front and back, add hot water to boil. This step can't be saved. Remove the smell of fish.

  3. After the mutton floating foam is removed, add the fish and fish soup. The fish is best wrapped in a strainer. Put white pepper and a little salt, cover the pot and cook for about 30 minutes. Chopsticks can be easily inserted into the meat. Remove all the meat, bones and fish for a little while, or for a little longer. .

  4. The mutton and lamb mixed out of the mutton are cut into pieces of about 0.5cm thickness for use. The lamb is cooked and cut.

  5. Use a little lard and vegetable oil to heat in a wok. Add the ginger and green onion (if you like pepper and put some whole pepper), fry the mutton slices, stir fry for about five minutes, turn off the heat. The mutton can be fried or not fried.

  6. Put the fried mutton slices and miscellaneous meat into a saucepan, pour the mutton mutton soup, add the pepper, the dates and simmer for 30 minutes, remove the surface floating foam, add the appropriate amount of salt, and turn off the heat. Before eating, first drink a bowl of mutton soup, warm the stomach, mobilize your taste buds, ready to grab it!

  7. Remove the squid before eating. Drink a bowl of mutton soup, warm your stomach, mobilize your taste buds, and prepare to grab it!

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