Recipe: Jasmine macaron

Home Cooking Recipe: Jasmine macaron


I always like to drink jasmine tea, and I like the scent of jasmine. When I went to Chengdu for a trip, I found a jasmine tea in a tea shop on the side of the road. The entrance was fragrant and the aftertaste was endless. The name is also good: called the snow, the taste of this jasmine tea has always made me forget. This time I made a macaron, I thought of using jasmine tea as her filling. I really want to know what the flavor of jasmine is with the sweet bottom of macaron. Therefore, I bought the jasmine jasmine tea from the Internet and made this jasmine fragrant macaron. The scent of jasmine runs through the whole macaron from beginning to end. The aftertaste is endless. After all, the snow has not let me down, the faint tea fragrance. With the scent of jasmine, it changes the sweetness of macarons. If you can match it with a cup of tea, then it is a perfect combination! The most lovely thing about macarons is that you can use any stuff you like to modulate her stuffing, and each stuffing of different flavors will give you a whole new experience!



  1. Prepare the flower bag and a round hole flower mouth between 0.5 and 1 cm in diameter.

  2. Italian protein cream: protein 38g, fine sugar 90g, water 30ml spare. Fine granulated sugar and water in a stainless steel pot, syrup, temperature to 118 degrees

  3. During the cooking of the syrup, the protein is slowly sent to a white foam using an electric egg beater, and then the syrup is boiled to a thin line of 117 degrees syrup and slowly poured into the meringue. After all the syrup is poured, switch the egg beater to high speed, and after the protein cream is standing upright, adjust to the low speed to adjust the texture of the protein cream. The finished protein is the Italian protein cream.

  4. Place the almond powder and powdered sugar in a mixing bowl and mix well with egg.

  5. Add the Italian meringue to the almond paste in portions, stir evenly with a spatula, and stir until the drops of the almond paste are spread out at a slow rate.

  6. Put the prepared almond paste into the silk flower bag, place the silicone pad on the baking plate, and squeeze the almond paste with a diameter of about 3~4cm on the silicone pad at a certain interval.

  7. Leave it at room temperature for about 30 minutes, let the surface of the almond paste dry thoroughly, and touch the edges with your hands.

  8. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees and put the almond paste in the baking for 10~15 minutes.

  9. After baking, place the macarons together with the silicone pad on the console to cool them. After they are completely cooled, gently remove them with a spatula or other tools.


Cooking Tips (6) 1, the good macaron, the surface of the shell is very very thin, so it is very easy to break. If it is used to give people, be sure to pay attention when carrying. 2, the colorful macarons, because of the natural or artificial pigment added inside. If you add powder, add it when mixing almond powder and powdered sugar. If you add liquid pigment, add it when you apply protein cream. The two methods are different. 3, because macarons is a high-sugar thing, so generally in the middle of the matching cream cream to neutralize its sweetness, generally use unsweet or even bitter cream cream. 4, grilled macarons, the best is to use silicone pad, because the silicone pad heat is relatively slower, so under high temperature baking, the bottom will not immediately solidify, resulting in invagination flow, can not form a beautiful skirt . If you don't have a silicone pad, you can put oil-free paper on the baking tray. The almond paste is squeezed on the oil paper. When baking, put a baking tray under the baking tray with the almond paste, so that it can block a part of the fire. Firepower can also achieve the purpose of the skirt. Another method is to put a piece of clean cardboard under the oil paper, which can also block the fire and fire. When the skirt appears, gently pull out the cardboard. However, I feel that the last one is more difficult to operate, because the macaron is very tender during the baking process, and the macaron is broken when the cardboard is accidentally broken, so the first two methods are recommended. 5, freshly squeezed almond paste, there will be a pointed tip, but as long as the stir is in place, the tip will slowly fall back, the surface of the almond paste will become smooth, become a round cake-like almond paste, if The tip did not fall back, indicating that the almond paste was hard. 6, Italian meringue can be added to the almond paste in small portions, each time with a spatula to mix well, then lift the scraper to make the almond paste low, to see if it reaches the feeling described in the book, if it is too hard, Need to add a little protein cream and continue to stir. Therefore, although the recipe provides the weight of the protein cream, in actual use, not all of them are used. This should be noted.

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