Recipe: Japanese-style okra mixed with tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese-style okra mixed with tofu


Common Japanese style side dishes It’s a simple 5 minute dish~ The Japanese program says that putting okra in a microwave oven is more nutritious than cooking in general, and the taste is better.



  1. Wash the okra and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

  2. Okra sliced, stirred and silked

  3. Will increase the taste, taste Lin, stir well even, afraid of salty can add a little boiled water, prepared into a sauce

  4. Put the tender tofu into the plate and place the chopped okra on top of the tofu.

  5. Pour the sauce from step 3 on okra

  6. If there is a piece of bonito, put the bonito piece on the okra, just as there is a bonito piece in the house, so this time there is a piece of wood.


If you don't have any cockroaches, you can use soy sauce instead, but it is recommended to put some bonito chips to make up the taste.

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