Recipe: Japanese pork ribs with rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese pork ribs with rice


The method of fried pork chops is to learn with Iijima Nami. Fried pork chops are a process that is becoming more and more skilled, more and more simple, and more fulfilling.



  1. Use a paper towel to blot dry water on both sides of the pork chop. Evenly covered with potato starch. Eggs are beaten into egg liquid and divided into two small bowls. One of the bowls is filled with allspice powder, ginger powder, garlic powder and salt, rice wine, pork chops, so that the eggs are evenly hanged on both sides, and taken out after five minutes.

  2. Spread the bread crumbs in the larger flat pan and quickly place the pork chop with the egg liquid on it. In addition to ensuring that the bottom is covered with bread crumbs, pile the excess bread crumbs thickly on the pork chop and press down with the palm of your hand so that the upper and lower bread crumbs are tightly attached to the pork chop.

  3. The oil in the pot must be able to pass the pork chops. Heat to about 180 degrees (when the oil will smoke but not take it), carefully cut the pork chop. When the bottom is golden, turn over and the other side is fried until golden, and the pot is cut into several pieces with a knife.

  4. Start another pan and make a sauce. Practice as appropriate, then drain the pig into the sauce and top with the other half of the egg. Cover the lid with a small fire and suffocate until the egg liquid solidifies, and you're done.


In the second part, thick bread crumbs were piled around the pork chops and then pressed tightly on the pork chops with the palm of your hand. It was the key to the beautiful golden pork chops.

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