Recipe: Japanese hot spring egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese hot spring egg


This is really a lazy work, because the rice cooker comes with this feature. . . The effect of hot spring eggs should be: the protein is fluid, and the egg yolk is condensed. It sounds like it’s the opposite, right? But the finished product is like this, and finally you can eat it with your own sauce, and taste great!



  1. Put the egg directly into the rice cooker

  2. Transfer to the hot spring egg

  3. Take out in 25 minutes - 30 minutes

  4. Immerse in cold water

  5. Then hit an egg into the bowl

  6. Put it in the sauce and you can eat it.


If there is no rice cooker, it is said that it is feasible to put the egg in the thermos. You can try it. Anyway, remember not to take hot water to cook eggs, this is to rely on boring. =, otherwise it is a good idea to cook at most!

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