Recipe: Japanese fried shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese fried shrimp


Unexpectedly, the ordinary prawn can turn into such a tempting snack, the practice is really simple, after the shrimp is shelled and left to be marinated, the bread wrapped in raw egg liquid is fried in the oil pan. Golden is fine. When you eat some sweet and sour tomato sauce or salad dressing from the supermarket, this dish will be very popular with children!



  1. Let the lettuce cut into thin filaments; put the eggs in a bowl and mix well. Put the flour and bread crumbs in the pan.

  2. This step is very important: the shrimp go to the shrimp head and the shrimp shell, do not remove the tail, and then the shallow abdomen of the shrimp is 3 knives (must be light, just cut the shrimp ribs, this step is to prevent the shrimp Heat the curl), then use the knife to take two shots on the back of the shrimp to ensure that the shrimps are all broken. The treated shrimps are transferred to the salt, a little chicken essence, and more black pepper powder is marinated for 5 minutes.

  3. Take a prawns, evenly spread a layer of raw powder, wrap a layer of egg liquid, and finally covered with bread crumbs (slightly press the hand to hold the bread crumbs)

  4. Shake off the excess bread crumbs on the shrimp, put the oil in the pot and heat it, then insert it with chopsticks. After a small bubble in the middle, turn to a small fire. Gently pour the shrimp into the golden spoon to remove the oil.

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