Recipe: Japanese fried chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese fried chicken


I think the difficulty of this dish is underestimated. It is difficult to explode in the outside. It is difficult to explode. The fried chicken is hard to explode. Most of the fried chicken is a bit of oil, which is extremely depressing.



  1. The chicken is cut into a bite and marinated for more than 2 hours with all the marinade except the potato flour.

  2. From the oil pan, the oil temperature should be about 150 degrees.

  3. The chicken nuggets are stained with tree flour and placed on the plate for one to two minutes to return to the tide. This will make it easier to fry crispy.

  4. Put the chicken pieces into the pot, fry until the chicken pieces float up, keep the oil temperature about 150 degrees, and the chicken pieces can be picked up and put aside after a light golden yellow. The oil temperature is heated to a fire of 180 degrees, and all the chicken pieces are fried in a pot until golden brown.

  5. It’s better to sprinkle a little lemon juice when you eat!


Use broilers. Ginger wine can be done first, a bottle of Shiwan rice wine, peeled ginger and put it into the wine, about 1/3 of the volume of the bottle, so that you can marinate a variety of meat, which can last for a long time. . I used Tainan Xingao soy sauce for soy sauce, a little sweet. Eat it yourself, it is best to use high-boiling high-quality cooking oil, such as rice bran oil, high oleic sunflower oil is very good. It is recommended to use cast iron pot fry, the oil temperature is more stable and easier to control. When the food is placed in the pot, the oil temperature will not drop too fast, so that the fried food is more crisp and delicious.

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