Recipe: Japanese curry beef rice taught by a Japanese sister

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese curry beef rice taught by a Japanese sister


I exchanged a meal, I made a Japanese curry rice, and the Japanese sister Emi pointed me. When other people arrived, a Japanese brother paid a compliment and said: Is Emi doing it? I am proud of my heart! Emi said that when Japanese friends gather at home, they often make a big pot of curry and cook a large pot of rice. Because it's simple, and no one doesn't like it! This is not a fake, I have only seen the love of spicy and not love to eat spicy, for the time being I have never seen it or not love:) The following is the approximate practice and weight, waiting for the next step after I do the next step And precise dosage! This pot is probably enough for four or five people to eat.



  1. Ingredients: If you want good meat quality and strong soup taste, it is best to choose the lean meat that is suitable for slow stewing. Curry block: I usually buy S&B (囧), and generally buy Xinkou. If you don't like spicy food, you can buy Zhongxin or Gankou. Potatoes should be served with stewed noodles, not French fries or baked potatoes.

  2. The meat is slightly patted with a knife back and cut into squares. Because it will shrink when cooked, so don't be too small, it tastes like it. The whole onion is roughly shredded.

  3. Hot pot into olive oil, fry the beef pieces until the surface is discolored

  4. Take a big pot, put the fried beef into the oil, then pour the onion, and add the water that has not been beef after a little fry. Boil the fire, go to the end of the blood, turn to a small fire and cover the stew.

  5. When cutting carrots during beef stew, I usually cut the hobs. Because you don't like carrots, you usually put only two small roots in a large pot.

  6. When the beef is almost soft, you can add carrots, then add water again to just the ingredients, continue to cover the stew

  7. During this period, I cut the potatoes, and I still cut the hobs of the same size as the meat.

  8. After the carrots are basically soft (with chopsticks can be inserted), add potatoes, then add water that has not been potatoes, continue to cover and stew.

  9. When the potatoes are cooked and not bad, add the curry block and stir until it is even. How many more blocks can be added, like a Japanese girl, while trying to add it, until it is salty enough. Mix well and cook for a while. During the period, stir more to prevent the paste pot. The potatoes are rotten and not scattered. When the soup is thick, you can turn off the fire!


1. The ingredients must be added in the same order. The onions should be cooked and added first. Carrots don't love rotten, the second one, potatoes boiled for a long time will rot into slag, must be added last. When the curry block is gone, the soup will become very thick, and it will be easy to paste underneath, and it will be easy to splash out, so all the ingredients will be added after cooking. 2. You can cook a little more at a time. Eat it that night, the ingredients have their own taste, put the next day, the vegetables taste, and better! I usually put the ingredients in the freezer, and when I want to eat, I take out a box of microwaves and heat it up. 3. It is not necessary to say that the curry dyeing ability is super strong. It is necessary to be careful when loading plastic lunch boxes. It will not be distressed. (╯▽╰)╭

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