Recipe: Invincible delicious beef burger

Home Cooking Recipe: Invincible delicious beef burger


Hong Kong, I have eaten the master beef burger, McDonald's Big Mac can enter the trash can ~ the most simple way to eat beef burgers, soft and juicy, super delicious ~



  1. First make beef patties. Cut the onion into small pieces, add to the meat, add salt and black pepper, and start to rub with your hands. Mix the onions and minced meat evenly and knead them into a dough. 300 grams of beef is probably made up of four medium or six small patties, which are pinched according to the size of their burger billet. Divide into a few groups, squeeze a group by hand, then squash and trim the edges. Wrap them in plastic wrap and leave the rest of the frozen food.

  2. Make a sauce. Mix the ketchup with the soy sauce and add some black pepper and mix well. Don't be too much soy sauce or salty, too much tomato sauce will be sour. Pour about two tablespoons of tomato sauce first, gradually add soy sauce, and the sauce turns dark brown (not black).

  3. Start making burgers. Cross the burger in the middle, cut a little butter on the cut surface, bake it in the pan, and bake it until the cut surface turns into a caramel color.

  4. Prepare a non-stick pan and do not drain oil. After the hot pot, put the meatloaf directly and fry. (Beef is cooked quickly. Basically, both sides have a burnt color. The beef cake is too thick to be extended for an extra time.) Turn a small fire, spread half of the sauce on the patties, turn over the other half, and cook for 30 seconds. If you want to add cheese, put a piece on the patties before the pan.

  5. Spread the lettuce on the bread, put the meatloaf on it, and clip it, you can eat it!


Frozen beef patties are thawed before eating, which is put into the refrigerator one night in advance. The taste of the patties is related to the quality of the meat, buy fresh beef stuffing, or grind your own.

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