Recipe: Instant noodles to eat two

Home Cooking Recipe: Instant noodles to eat two


Simple and delicious method, a person has noodles and soup~



  1. Boil the boiled water, put in instant noodles, cook for about one minute, turn off the fire and remove.

  2. Crush the garlic (cut or not according to personal preference), cut the shrimp into small pieces (if it is ham, diced), onion and minced.

  3. After burning the hot oil, put the garlic, shrimp (ham sausage) stir fry for a while, add instant noodles.

  4. Sprinkle with the vegetable bag and the water vapor in the face will make it soft.

  5. Add a little water and put in a oil and seasoning package (half is enough), add a little salt to taste.

  6. After the instant noodles are fried, you can start the pot.

  7. While cooking the noodles, cook a pot of water, scald some seasonal leaves and mushrooms, and season with instant noodles in oil and seasonings. Finally, you can score an egg.

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