Recipe: Indian Curry Chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Indian Curry Chicken



  1. Boiled in a pot, chicken legs, bones, cut into small pieces, boiled, put chicken for five minutes.

  2. Onion tomatoes diced (if the tomatoes are made into mud better) Put the oil in the pan and add the dried chillies, cumin, garlic, puree (cut the cream), add the onions for a few minutes, then fry the tomatoes, simmer, and the tomatoes become rotten. (If you are making the tomato into a mud, cook it until it is thickened) Add two tablespoons of tomato sauce. Not tomato sauce is ketchup!

  3. Add curry powder (5g is not too hot, please add more points). Stir well, add salt, sugar, milk, whipped cream.

  4. Add the chicken to the curry and cook for a few minutes.

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