Recipe: 4-inch Oreo Frozen Cheese

Home Cooking Recipe: 4-inch Oreo Frozen Cheese


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  1. The rolling pin smashes the Oreo pieces, heats the water, heats the butter, melts it, pours it into the biscuits, stirs it evenly, and then puts it in the mold and puts it in the refrigerator for later use. (Leave 10g for later use)

  2. After the cream cheese is softened by water, add 20g of powdered sugar, beat the eggbeater evenly without particles, and set aside.

  3. The gelatin powder is added to 15g of hot water and heated to become viscous and then poured into the cheese paste.

  4. 5g of whipped cream and powdered sugar is sent to 70% or 80% and then poured into the cheese paste and stirred evenly.

  5. Pour the previously left 10g Oreo into the mixture, pour it into the mold and freeze it for four hours.

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