Recipe: Iijima pork chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Iijima pork chops


According to the steps of Iijima Nami, I made pork ribs. I was curious as to why I put the fried pork chops in the sauce. After I finished, I found the answer. After the steps are too detailed, please refer to the following link http: //



  1. Take a pan, pour in broth, soy sauce, miso and sugar, and cut the onion into thin filaments.

  2. Discharge the pig on the cutting board, use a knife tip to draw a dozen or so knives, then turn the same knife; sprinkle a little salt and pepper for a while; stir the other two eggs into the bowl;

  3. Prepare the egg liquid, wheat flour and bread crumbs, first put the wheat flour (shake the remaining powder) in order, then fill the egg liquid (drop the egg liquid), and finally put it into the bread crumb and press it;

  4. When the temperature of the oil in the pot rises to 160° (the small bubbles are immediately inserted into the chopsticks), put it into the pork chops for 1 minute and a half, and then fry for another 1 minute to remove the oil and change the knife.

  5. At this point, ignite the pan, boil it for a while, then discharge the two pigs into the pot, evenly spread the beaten egg liquid on the pork chops, then cover and cook for 30 seconds to turn off the flame;

  6. Don't forget to cook the rice in advance. After the pork chops are ready, put on a bowl and cover the pork chops on the rice. You can start the soup with a little soup...


This configuration is for two people. The two fried pork chops are placed in a pan at the same time, and the egg liquid is evenly drenched. The soup should also be evenly divided. When eating, you can cover the Shanghai moss tablets and the large amount of soup. It can be a little more appropriate... If it is for one person, you can put another fried pork chop (not cut open) into the crisper. When you eat the next meal, take out the wet kitchen paper. Press it to add a little water to the pork chop; then put it in the oven or microwave to heat it and change the knife; then follow the previous steps to prepare the soup, pour the egg, and cover the rice.

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