Recipe: Iced sugar ebony stewed Sydney

Home Cooking Recipe: Iced sugar ebony stewed Sydney


【乌梅】 [Sexual taste] acid, sputum, flat. [Return] to the liver, spleen, lung, large intestine. [Indications] Converging lungs, sputum, Shengjin, Anzhen. For lung deficiency and long-term cough; 【crystal sugar】 [Sexual taste] sweet, flat, non-toxic. [return] into the lungs, spleen [Indications] Yangyin Shengjin, lungs and cough. For lung dry cough, dry cough without phlegm, sputum with blood. [Sydney] [Sexual taste] sweet and sour, cool. [Return] into the lungs, stomach. [Indications] Shengjin, moistening, clearing heat, phlegm. Treatment of fever, pain, thirst, thirst, hot cough, screaming, convulsions, constipation. All in all, it is the best product for the lungs and spleen in autumn! <( ̄) ̄)



  1. The pears are peeled and the seeds are cut into small pieces and thrown into the pot. The ebony is also thrown into the pot.

  2. Adding water without them just happened

  3. Add rock sugar after boiling for a while, be careful to occasionally stir it carefully.

  4. Take a fork and poke the soft pears. When the soup has turned brown, turn off the fire.

  5. Get it! The taste is just like the ebony juice, the pear is also delicious! <( ̄) ̄)


1. The pear should use the most cute pear in the shape of the big gourd above (< ̄) ̄) 2. Wumei is the kind of candied fruit that the Chinese pharmacy bought is not usually eaten <( ̄) ̄) 3. Drink hot <( ̄) ̄)

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