Recipe: Ice powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Ice powder


This is a dessert that represents the summer when I was young. There are cold powder screams everywhere, cold and crystal clear jelly powder, sweet silk deep as brown brown sugar water, eat a bowl of horses and summer heat. At that time, the jelly powder was soaked in the well water with a kind of grass seed, and the gel was solidified. Nowadays, it is brewed by the supermarket to buy ready-made powdered jelly. The difference is still there, but after a few years, I will miss it.



  1. Look for a large bowl, pour the jelly, stir in a small amount of cold water.

  2. Boil the water, pour it into a large bowl, mix well, let it stand at room temperature, and naturally condense.

  3. The brown sugar is washed into brown sugar water, which is very sweet and delicious.

  4. Put the cooled jelly and brown sugar water in the refrigerator.rWhen you eat, use a spoon to dig in a small bowl and pour brown sugar and sesame.


The powder of jelly powder is bought in the supermarket for one yuan. Too much powder is easy to condense, it will be too hard, so don't use too much powder. The big bowl I used was the biggest bowl of soup and soup in my home. The brown sugar water must be thick and sweet, and you can add some sugar together. It is delicious after the ice, and you can also add some cold liqueur (醪醪) to eat together.

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