Recipe: Ice cream - pistachio ice cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Ice cream - pistachio ice cream


The tenth flavor of ice cream. The ice cream with the highest cost so far is expensive. This thing is not sold in ordinary supermarkets, it can only be ordered online. A small bottle costs more than 8 pounds, only 30% pistachio content. In fact, it is not necessary to buy pure happy jam, pure happy jam to add sugar, so this 30% content of ice cream is also good.



  1. Add egg yolk, gay jam and granulated sugar, add milk and cream. Medium and small heat, heat and stir for about 10 minutes until thick.

  2. Add step 1 to the ice cream machine, start, wait, wait for the bell.


Egg yolk is not easy to stir in the liquid, first stir with sugar, then add liquid is easier to stir.

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