Recipe: Hurricane Basil

Home Cooking Recipe: Hurricane Basil


This cake has changed my mind very much. Although the organization is not as delicate as before, the taste is definitely the best hurricane I have ever eaten. Thanks to the predecessors who created this formula, I have greatly enjoyed my taste buds. One.



  1. Wash and drain the basil leaves and soak in olive oil overnight.

  2. Add a little pepper and put it in the blender evenly

  3. Add yolk to 20 grams of sugar and mix well

  4. Add milk and basil oil and mix well

  5. Sift into the powder and mix well

  6. Add salt and white vinegar to the crude foam, add 30 grams of sugar to neutral foam

  7. Take 1/3 of the protein cream and add it to the egg yolk paste, then mix it with 1/3 of the protein cream and mix it evenly.

  8. Rewind the remaining meringue and mix it evenly

  9. Pour into the mold, lightly shake twice, preheat the oven to 160 degrees, change the 150 degree middle and lower layer to bake for about 45 minutes, immediately remove the buckle after taking out, release the mold after cooling


1. If there is no fresh basil, use dry basil. 2, do not over-mix after adding powder to the egg yolk paste, because the flour contains high powder, so as not to cause gluten due to excessive stirring, affecting cake expansion. 3, the baking time in the formula is for reference only, depending on the individual's oven.

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