Recipe: Huifang Volume (恵方巻) (招福卷)

Home Cooking Recipe: Huifang Volume (恵方巻) (招福卷)


Huifang volume, ehoumaki. It is a relatively thick hand-rolled sushi with pickled gourd strips, cucumber, egg rolls, squid, fluffy pine, shiitake and other sources of auspicious materials, representing the seven blessings of God, so that the blessings can be rolled up and eaten. Therefore, it is also called "Take Lucky Roll", "Lucky Roll", "Open Sushi" and so on. When you eat, you must eat it toward the Huifang of the same year. At the same time, you should think about your own wishes with your eyes closed, and you can have the effect of exorcising evils and avoiding disasters and business prosperity. Spread to modern times, there have been seafood rolls, Salada rolls and other flavors of Huifang rolls sold. (Science from Encyclopedia)



  1. The roasted seaweed slices are laid on a bamboo curtain and evenly covered with a layer of rice.

  2. Spread the above ingredients in turn and lay them on the rice.

  3. Roll up the rice and ingredients with a bamboo curtain.

  4. Facing the Huifang of the year (the direction of the blessing of the gods), while thinking about your wishes with your eyes closed, you can eat the whole Huifang roll, you can't cut it, you can't talk, and you will have good luck!


Don't cut it! If you want to eat a whole piece in one breath, you will have good luck and good news!

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