Recipe: Huajiao black chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Huajiao black chicken soup



  1. Put the gum in the water for 12 hours and pour off the water. Put the water in the pot, the ginger slices are boiled, put the made flower gum into the boil for 20 minutes, fish it up, pass the cold water, and wash it.

  2. The shiitake mushroom is soaked in warm water; the black chicken is washed clean, the water is placed in the pot, the ginger is boiled, and the black chicken is placed in the water. When the water is boiled again, the wine is poured and boiled. Pick up the black-bone chicken and wash it with cold water.

  3. Put the black-bone chicken, shiitake mushroom, flower gum and ginger into the casserole, stew for 5 hours in the “strong file”, and season the salt before drinking.


1 I want to buy a good quality Huajiao or go to the pharmacy to buy, I bought it in Tongrentang, 2.2 yuan a gram, a piece of Huajiao about 130 yuan, each time a man-cooked soup put 10 grams of flowers Glue can be. 2 In the pharmacy to buy a large piece of Huajiao, the clerk should first help to divide the good, the texture of the gel is very hard, the kitchen knife can not be separated. 3 After the flower gel is made, it is cooked in ginger water to taste. Of course, there are green onions that can be put into ginger and onion to make the effect better. 4 Hua gum is also divided into male and female, the public Huajiao soup will not stick to the pot, after cooking, refreshing teeth; the mother's flower glue will cook when the pot, the quality is not as good as the Gonghua gum. Therefore, if the cooking mother gel is to be wrapped in a tea bag, cook it again.

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