Recipe: Huadiao Chicken Feet (Feng Claw)

Home Cooking Recipe: Huadiao Chicken Feet (Feng Claw)


If you are tired of pickled chicken feet, you can try the flower carving chicken feet :)



  1. 2 kg of chicken feet are washed, remove the nails, cut in half, start the beer water (can make the chicken feet go to the sputum and more crisp). The method of beer water: use a large plate, put it into the chicken feet and fill it with water, then open the faucet and the minimum water has been dripping to the chicken feet, which takes more than half an hour.

  2. After the beer, start preparing to fly. Ginger, onion washed, ginger smashed, put it into the pot with the chicken feet, put a little salt, cold water over the surface to open the fire, boiled water, (pay attention to the fire, easy to bubble bubble is obtained) and cook 5 Poke the chicken feet with chopsticks in a minute, and drain the dishes when cooked.

  3. After draining, the chicken feet should be rinsed with cold water until the grease is cleaned, the chicken feet are cooled, drained again, rinsed with cold water, added with ice cubes, and prepared for flower carving juice.

  4. Blooming flower carving juice: 1 bottle of Huadiao wine (if you can buy a drinkable flower carving wine will be more fragrant), 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 bowl of soy sauce, 1 bottle of cola, a little salt, stir until the salt sugar is basically melted. (The juice is directly packed in a fresh-keeping box, which is convenient to put directly into the refrigerator for a while)

  5. The chicken feet can be drained in a few minutes after chilling. After draining, pour a little white vinegar into the chicken feet and throw them or mix them to make them even. Then put the chicken feet in the flower carving juice just adjusted, you try the taste of the juice, add some salt or sugar to the taste, and see what you need. (The juice blended above is enough to soak 2 kg of chicken feet, the chicken feet must be soaked in the juice before they taste.)

  6. Finally, put the whole box of chicken feet into the refrigerator, and after a night, you can eat the next day. Forgot to take a photo, then make up.

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