Recipe: Houttuynia cordata pig lung soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Houttuynia cordata pig lung soup


Houttuynia is a baby, a natural anti-inflammatory drug. When you have inflammation, you immediately want to drink it, such as a cold, throat inflammation...



  1. The pig lungs are completely rinsed. The flushing method is to inject tap water from the pig lung trachea into the lungs, the pig lungs are inflated, and the dirty water is squeezed out by hand. This step is repeated at least 10 times.

  2. Cut the pig's lungs into small pieces, use large pots, use salt, and clear water.

  3. Put the pig's lungs in clear water into a pot with cold water and boil. At this time, a lot of foam will appear. They are all dirty things in the pig's lungs. Turn off the heat, pour it out and wash it with water, then put it in a cold water pot. Open and wash with water. At this point, the pig lungs are officially washed. It is really troublesome to treat the pig lungs, but it is necessary. No one wants to eat the waste into their stomachs. Therefore, if you eat food, you don’t want to eat. To the clean animal's internal organs, the ghost is free to help you clean it over and over again.

  4. The next steps are simple. Fresh fish squid is washed, put into soup, washed with candied dates, thrown into soup, washed pork lungs, thrown into soup, add 3 to 4 liters of water, after the fire is opened Slowly simmer for about 1.5 hours, put a proper amount of salt to drink soup.

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