Recipe: Hot pot, fried rice, fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Hot pot, fried rice, fried rice


Every time I eat hot pot at home, there will always be the remaining dishes. Just the rest of the meat is meat, and suddenly I want to eat rice. Then I have this fried rice, which is much better than the beef fried rice outside. .



  1. Take the rest of the house's hot pot and boil it, and remove it and put it on the plate to vacate the water.

  2. Put the garlic in the pan and put the garlic on it. Then put the remaining material in the hot pot, stir it and put the rice

  3. Mix the rice and the remaining ingredients of the hot pot. After the soy sauce, continue to stir fry. If it is salty, put a little sugar.

  4. After the speculation, you can go out to the pot~


1. What is the real thing to fry, but I found that after the beef slices are cooked, it is really delicious to put the oil and rice together. Crab sticks are also. 2. If the meatballs are cooked, it is recommended to cut them after cooking. This time, there is no cut, just cook for a while and cook. 3. Soy sauce can be placed into a very fresh taste, as long as the rice is slightly discolored, the salt material of the pot is salty.

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