Recipe: Hot noodle meat bag

Home Cooking Recipe: Hot noodle meat bag



  1. Take 280 grams of flour in a large pot, turn the yeast into warm water and pour it into the pot.

  2. Use a chopstick and stir it while pouring it into a uniform batter

  3. Sprinkle powder on the cutting board, scrape the dough in the bowl onto the cutting board, gradually add the remaining 120 grams of flour to the mash and knead it into a smooth dough.

  4. Cover with a damp cloth and ferment it in a warm place to 2 times larger (the temperature is higher in these days, so I am fermented at room temperature. When the weather is cold, it is best to put it in a large pot, wrap the plastic wrap, and send it. Into the oven or fermentation tank fermentation)

  5. Exhaust the fermented dough, re-round it, and grow it into strips.

  6. Divided into equal small doses, about 40 grams

  7. Pork in front of pork

  8. Place in a pot and add eggs, salt, chicken, pepper, ginger, corn starch, soy sauce, oyster sauce 1, sesame oil

  9. Stir well, into a stuffed buns

  10. Take a small dose, round and flat, and pack the right amount of filling.

  11. Turn the circle to even out the folds, close the mouth, and wrap it into a bun

  12. Place the wrapped bun raw material on the baking paper, place the neat code on the steaming grid, and leave a certain gap between each bun.

  13. Inject a proper amount of water into the steamer. After the fire is boiled, turn off the heat, put the steamed bun that puts the steamed buns into the pot, cover the lid, and let it wake up for about 40 minutes.

  14. When the buns are about 2 times larger, fire them, and the steam is steamed for about 20 minutes. The hot steamed buns are steamed.


1. Do not use too high temperature water to adjust the yeast and noodles. If the temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the yeast will be burned to death, and the surface may not be able to be produced; 2. If you want the meat stuffing of the buns to be more fresh, you can add the appropriate amount of skin jelly or high soup to the meat stuffing, so that the steamed buns will have soup; 3. When the steamed buns are fermented in the steamer, don't open the lid to see it. If you feel that the time is almost the same, you want to see if the steamed buns are not good. You can uncover the pot and open a small slit. Don't open the lid to the inside of the pot. The loss of steam will affect the fermentation of the dough.

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