Recipe: Hot and sour cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Hot and sour cabbage


Cabbage and pepper to fry more appetizer, if not spicy can cancel the pepper.



  1. The leaves of cabbage are torn off by hand and washed. Leaf root and leaf separate

  2. Leaf root vertical dicing

  3. Heat the oil in a hot pot and put in a chili pot. Then put in the leaf root, do not put the leaves first

  4. The roots are slightly fried, and the soy sauce and sugar are fried to Microsoft.

  5. Add the leaves and stir fry, sprinkle half a spoonful of vinegar along the pot, season with salt, and serve.


1. The root of the leaf is not easy to cook, because it is fried first. 2. Put the sugar to make the cabbage sweeter. If your cabbage is sweet enough, you can omit it.

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