Recipe: Honeysuckle, Chinese cabbage, omelet

Home Cooking Recipe: Honeysuckle, Chinese cabbage, omelet


I am a person who is particularly easy to get angry in the summer. My mom recommended me to drink honeysuckle or stewed soup. I found that the bitterness of honeysuckle is really not inferior to bitter gourd, but because of its small size, it is almost intimate when it comes into ingredients. Invisible. Children's shoes that are not afraid of bitterness can be tried in the hot summer days. We love bitter gourd omelettes, but at the same time we have invented its friend, honeysuckle omelet. With a bowl of mung bean porridge or red bean porridge, it is a comfortable meal.



  1. Beat the eggs well, add a little milk and salt, mix well

  2. Honeysuckle is put in hot water to make it moist in advance

  3. Cut the onion into chopped green onion, cut the small cabbage into small dices, and put it in the egg mixture together with the soaked honeysuckle.

  4. Medium and small pans, hot pot with olive oil, medium heat, pour in egg liquid

  5. Heat over medium heat, it's less than two minutes. When the bottom is cooked, take a large plate and stick it on the pan. Turn the quiche on the plate, then pour it from the plate into the pan and heat the other side (* because I don't Will be a spoon, and this quiche is a bit thick)

  6. Both sides are ripe, into a slightly burnt color, you can hold the plate


Of course, you will be able to use your stupid method. I like to eat a little salty, with porridge, because the slightly salty quiche can cover up the bitterness of honeysuckle to some extent.

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